New Amenity!

New Amenity!

We have Exciting News! Doorstep trash removal service will be provided by Invisible Waste Services to each apartment home beginning April 1, 2018!

Collection days will be Sunday – Thursday. Trash needs to be placed inside the container and set outside your front door between the hours of 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Trash removal service begins promptly at 7:45pm. One trash container will be provided to each apartment and the trash bin must be used for the doorstep trash removal service.

Valet Trash Reminders

  • All trash bags must be securely tied and placed inside the designated trash container.
  • Trash placed outside of the container will not be collected or removed.
  • Trash may NOT be left out for any reason during non-designated times.
  • No loose trash in the container permitted.
  • If you’re disposing diapers and cat litter, please double bag.
  • No broken glass / sharp objects in trash container.
  • Containers must be placed back inside your apartment no later than 11:00pm.
  • Should you miss service on any of the designated nights,please bring trash to the compactor or keep the trash inside your apartment until the next collection evening.
  • If a resident needs a replacement trash container is needed or if the container is not left in the apartment after move out, a monetary fee will apply.

Trash Compactor Reminders

  • The trash compactor is still available for larger trash items, excluding furniture/mattresses/dresser, etc.
  • Break down cardboard boxes, before placing them into the trash compactor. (This will eliminate the unsightly mound of trash being placed at the compactor entrance area)
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a trash violation fee

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for choosing Windsor Over Peachtree as your home!

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